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Name:Colette Brunel
Birthdate:May 18

Character: Colette Brunel
Series: Tales of Symphonia
Version: After Colette is rescued from the Nest of the Flying Dragons.
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight

Appearance: Colette is a small girl of about 5’2 with long, straight blond hair, blue eyes and a fringe that is mostly above her eyes except a strand of hair in the middle going down between her eyes. She travels in what appears to be a Chosen ceremonial robe, which consists of a short dress, which goes above her knees. The dress itself is white and blue or rather white with blue lines on the edges of the upper layer of her dress (including the collar), on the lower hem of her dress, on the edges of her dress cuffs and one up across the middle of her dress, making it look like a coat.. There is also a blue line that goes up, across and down the upper layer of her dress like a rectangular arch and has a gold button on each side.

Colette also wears black tights and white shoes, with blue lines on the edge of her boots when they are folded at the top. On each of her boot is two gold cuffs. On Colette’s neck neck is a thin, plain gold choker and attached to her collarbone is her red Cruxis Crystal, attached to a gold Key Crest. However, the Cruxis Crystal looks more like it is attached to her choker like a necklace.

Personality: In many ways, Cruxis could not have picked a more-suited person to be the Chosen than Colette Brunel. She is one of the sweetest, kindest and most selfless individuals that one will ever meet. Because she loves the world she lives in so much, Colette takes her responsibilities as the Chosen very seriously, praying to the goddess Martel every night for the world’s safety and being determined to save the world from doom, no matter what.

Colette does not feel that her duty as the Chosen relies solely on travelling to the Tower of Salvation and transforming into an angel, however. She will never abandon anybody in distress and if some cruel soldier is trying to beat up a poor, defenceless civilian, she will rush to that civilian’s aid. She also likes to think that there is good in everyone – although she will never think that the soldier beating up the civilian is justified and may end up killing the soldier if it comes to it, she will easily forgive that soldier if he shows remorse for his actions.

Colette is a little ditzy, however. She is not stupid but she is incredibly naive and can lack good judgement. Certain things like Zelos’ dirty jokes fly right by her and she has failed to notice in battle that her friends have been poisoned by a monster. This ditziness and naivety is probably due to the fact that Colette has grown up in the sheltered village of Iselia, never being allowed out until her sixteenth birthday, so she has a long way to go in terms of street smarts.

In short, Colette is a friendly, kind and well-intentioned but rather ditzy young woman. Or at least that is all there seems to be of her to those who do not know her very well. Deep down, it is a bit of a different story.

To say that life as the Chosen is hard would be a huge understatement and Colette’s life is no different. Because of her role, she is noticeably different from everyone else, making her incredibly lonely. For most of her life, Colette was viewed as the Chosen and not as a normal girl and while Colette accepts her differences, she sometimes wishes that she was the latter. Her transformation, her powers and her ability to sprout wings make her self-conscious and uncomfortable, feeling as if she were a freak.

Additionally, Colette has a very low-self esteem, perhaps because it was so ingrained into her from an early age that she was expected to save the world. She often apologises for things that are through no fault of her own and feels incredibly guilty if she thinks that she is a burden on other people. As I am taking Colette from the point where after she was rescued from Rodyle’s trap in the Nest of the Flying Dragons, she is at a point where she is now in serious self-doubt. Because she has failed to sacrifice herself at the Tower of Salvation and thus save the world, more people in Sylvarant are suffering and therefore she sometimes feels that she is a terrible Chosen, even though she is now trying to find another way to save Sylvarant without having to die.

Colette, however, hides her insecurities with her cheerful, nonchalant smile. Because she cares more about her friends than she does herself, she feels that if she told them of her troubles, she would just worry them and become a huge burden on them. If someone suspects that something is amiss, she will deny it cheerfully unless she is pressured enough.

In short, while Colette is an extremely selfless person who has no hateful bone in her body, she is still human like everyone else and therefore makes mistakes because of her selflessness. In Paixao, she is likely to try and save everyone and cheer up people who are down, while hiding her own dark and insecure thoughts.

Abilities/Weaponry/Strengths: Being a Chosen who had almost completed her angel transformation, Colette has several angel abilities. The first and most obvious one is that she is able to sprout wings from her back (which she tends to do during battle). This allows Colette to fly at a certain height (for the sake of her not becoming too powerful, I will say that she is able to fly as high as the level of the top floor in a three-floor house).

Colette also has a handful of light-based angelic spells, which are Angel Feathers, Holy Song and Judgement. She gained these abilities when breaking the seals in Sylvarant.

Colette is also able to see things further away and hear things further away than most people can, thanks to her angel transformation. This is pretty useful if, as she can sense danger from far away such as soldiers coming to attack the party.

Additionally, Colette is surprisingly strong, thanks to her angelic transformation – she was strong enough to carry an unconscious and heavy Regal with just one hand and little effort. Colette can also cause quite significant damage by throwing or hitting enemies with her chakrams in battle and therefore makes a pretty decent physical fighter.

As for personality strengths, Colette’s kindness is probably one of her greatest ones. As mentioned, she is an extremely forgiving person and is willing to give people another chance if they repent their crimes. Anybody who is having doubts about whether or not they can make up for their mistakes at least has a friend in Colette to stick by them.

Finally, Colette is known to be a huge klutz. This should not be a good thing but for some reason, her clumsiness often results in good consequences...seriously. One such example is that she once trips over a switch to save the party. She also manages to save the party from being attacked by Sheena by tripping over a switch, which made Sheena fall through a trapdoor.

Weaknesses: Colette’s Key Crest is a very important item that Colette has to keep on her person at all times. Should it be removed for whatever reason, she would lose her ability to sleep, taste her food, talk, her ability to feel and her heart and memories – making her a lifeless puppet. This is not likely to happen unless it is taken by force, however – Colette is determined to keep it on her at all times, as it was her birthday present from Lloyd.

Her selflessness and her determination not to tell anyone of her problems is also a great weakness. The fact that she hid things like her eventual death and her loss of humanity from her friends meant that once they did find out, they regretted not being able to do something sooner and therefore Colette still caused her friends pain, which was the opposite of what she intended. If she is not careful, something terrible could happen to her one day and by the time those who love and care about her find out, it might be too late to do anything about it.

Despite Colette’s clumsiness is called a blessing, it can cause problems as well. For example, if she trips and falls over in battle, it takes her a little while to recover, making her temporarily vulnerable to enemy attacks. She also once bumped into someone and made them drop and break their potion bottle and ended up having to buy a new one for them.

History: In the world of Tales of Symphonia, the world was split into two worlds – the world of Sylvarant and the world of Tethe’alla. Both worlds shared the source of Mana, which meant that one world was always prospering and the other was always declining. If the Chosen of the declining world went to the Tower of Salvation and became an angel, this process would reverse.

However, this was completely unknown to the majority of people in Sylvarant and Tethe’alla. All they were told was that the goddess Martel was fast asleep and that the Chosen One was supposed to wake her up by becoming an angel. What they did not know was that the Chosen One had to become a vessel for Martel when she awoke, thus giving up their lives.

Colette was born in the currently declining world of Sylvarant. She was to be the Chosen of Mana in that world and it was rumoured that her father, Frank Brunel, had actually adopted her and that her real parents were angels. Even Colette herself was not completely sure whether or not this rumour was actually true.

Having known that she was the Chosen ever since she was little, the Colette was never allowed out her hometown of Iselia until the day she would embark on the Journey of Regeneration. Despite that, however, Colette was able to go to school like other children and that was when she met Genis Sage and Lloyd Irving. Thanks to Lloyd especially, Colette found her life worth living, despite knowing that she would not live to old age.

On Colette’s sixteenth birthday, she was to receive the Oracle, which would be the start of her Journey of Regeneration – her journey to the Tower of Salvation. She was to accompany a group of priests to the nearby Temple of Martel and receive the Oracle from there. However, the priests were attacked at the temple and mostly killed, so Lloyd, Genis, and a mysterious mercenary named Kratos accompanied her instead.

Lloyd and the others, however, went into the temple and met the angel Remiel, whom they thought might be Colette’s real father. Colette, however, was deeply suspicious of whether or not this was true but went along with it, anyway. Remiel bestowed the Oracle on Colette. She was now ready to begin her journey.
The next day, Colette left Iselia with her teacher, Raine and Kratos. She left without saying goodbye to Lloyd, despite the fact that he was going to make her a necklace for her birthday. Like most of Sylvarant, Lloyd had no idea that Colette was going to die and she preferred to keep it that way in order to stop him from getting upset.

Lloyd and Genis soon caught up with them, however, after Lloyd was banished from Iselia for breaking a treaty between the village and the Desians and was later captured by what everyone thought to be the Desians at the time (later, it turned out to be the Renegades). Colette and the others went to their friends’ aid and from then on, Lloyd was to travel with them.

Lloyd and Colette’s journey to the Tower of Salvation was a long and complicated one. They frequently bumped into a woman named Sheena, who was trying to assassinate Colette and later ended up joining the party to destroy a Desian ranch. They also ran into the Desians frequently and discovered that they were harvesting and torturing humans to create Expheres, which the party used in battle to enhance their abilities. So yeah, a lot of conflict and angst, like in many good old RPG games.

However, what made things more complicated was that in order to reach the Tower of Salvation, the heroes had to visit various ruins so that Colette could break each seal. Each time Colette broke a seal, she gained angelic powers and became closer to her angel transformation. However, this came at a price – each seal she unlocked meant that she had to give up her humanity. At first, Colette lost her ability to taste her food. This was followed by her ability to sleep, then her ability to feel the temperature or feel pain.

At first, Colette was not completely sure what was going on but assumed that it was part of her angel transformation and therefore decided that she had to endure it and not tell anyone. However, Lloyd eventually put two and two together and Colette had to confess. Feeling an immense amount of guilt, Lloyd was determined to help her.

Eventually, after Colette broke her fourth seal and lost the ability to speak, Sheena revealed that she was from the prospering world of Tethe’alla. She explained about the two worlds competing for each other’s Mana and that she was sent to kill Colette to save Tethe’alla. While Colette understood Sheena’s motives and wanted to find a way to save Tethe’alla as well, she was determined to continue her journey to the Tower of Salvation so she could ask Remiel if there was a way to stop both worlds from declining.
Finally, after much travelling, the heroes reached the Tower of Salvation. Colette went inside first with Kratos but the others followed soon afterwards. They found the young Chosen, kneeling in front of Remiel (who actually turned out not to be her real father. What a surprise) about to give up her heart and memories so that she could become Martel’s vessel.

The heroes were quickly informed by Remiel of Colette’s true fate. However, it was too late to stop Colette from giving up her heart and after somehow telepathically saying goodbye to Lloyd, she became a lifeless puppet. However, there was still hope – despite now having no heart, she was not completely dead just yet and the heroes eventually decided to find a way to save her in Tethe’alla.
Lloyd and his companions, taking Colette with them, found a way to reach Tethe’alla by stealing some Rheiards in the Renegade Base. When they got there, they first visited Meltokio and encountered Tethe’alla’s Chosen, Zelos Wilder. Zelos joined the group as he was sent by the Pope to keep an eye on them.

Eventually, it was discovered that a possible way to help Colette return to normal was make a Key Crest for her Cruxis Crystal. Lloyd made one and attached it to Colette. However, she did not return to normal until the heroes fell into a trap set by Yuan. When she regained herself, she also regained her senses and freed (accidentally – she slipped on the device that was imprisoning the group) the party.

She was welcomed back in the group and now travelled with Lloyd not to sacrifice herself but to try and find a way to save both Sylvarant and Tethe’alla without anybody being sacrificed. However, Colette quickly discovered that she had another major problem – her body was slowly starting to crystallise for some reason. Once again, Colette kept this to herself. She could not make Lloyd or the others panic.
Later, Colette was kidnapped by the Desian Rodyle so he could use her Cruxis Crystal for the Mana Cannon. However, once he found out that her Cruxis Crystal did not work, he decided to use the young Chosen as bait to lure her friends into a trap. When Lloyd and his friends encountered Colette in the Nest of the Flying Dragons, Rodyle declared to them that Colette is a useless Chosen. Colette started to believe what he says, but the others were not swayed by the man’s words and persuaded Colette to keep going. Colette was freed from her prison and reunited with the party once again and they resumed their journey to save both worlds.

It is at this point where she is taken to Paixao.

RP journal for Colette Brunel from Tales of Symphonia played by daisy_the_mage1. Mun does this for fun and not for profit. Colette and ToS are the property of Namco. Made for fun and not for profit.

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